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Medical Detoxification


You have heard of cleanses and detoxes and juicing and fasting, but many of these practices are gimmicky, misleading, and lacking in research, clinical evidence and expertise. The cliched "detox" or "cleanse" these days often means little more than a brief stir of the toxins housed in the body, often leaving you worse off than before you started. These trendy cleanses and detoxes fail to support the body in actually eliminating toxins, so they get recycled and re-stored.


Did you know that environmental toxins are the leading cause of chronic disease? The field of environmental medicine is exploding with research on toxicity and it's role in compromising health.


So what is medical detoxification? It is a medically prescribed, individualized program that combines an anti-inflammatory diet with specific nutient support. Depending on your health profile, including your health risks, goals and challenges, I design a program that not only supports the elimination of toxins, but also targets key areas of concern or focus. Sometimes it is not safe to start a detoxification program until other issues are addressed first, such as constipation or digestive issues.


The great infographic below explains detoxification. Note that there are 2 phases of detoxification in the liver. Both phases require specific vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants in order to breakdown and neutralize toxins so they can be eliminated. If the body is overwhelmed with environmental toxins and also lacks nutrients (either due to inadequate diet, poor digestion and/or absorption, or genetic challenges), this sets the stage for illness.


What are the symptoms of increased toxicity? Anything and everything!


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