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  • Dr Laura Stix

Top Health Products I Recommend

I've tried many different products! To help save you time on sorting through them, here are my recommendations. . .

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Patients often ask me what kind of products I use or recommend, so I'm sharing with you my tried-and-true top picks....things that, sure, you can buy as gifts, but really, you may just want to buy for yourself!


Now, I'm not going to get into any lengthy details on this, but please know that SO MANY PRODUCTS that we use on a daily basis are TOXIC and absolutely should be avoided (and in my opinion, not voted for with our money).

With over 80,000 chemicals in our environment, and most of which have never been tested for safety, we need to do our own due diligence when guarding and self-advocating for our health and well-being.


So this leads to my first suggestion: check out the Environmental Working Group. They are a great resource when it comes to determining what's in certain cosmetic and skin products, and finding cleaner options.

Here are other recommendations:

- Enjo or Norwex cleaning cloths -- These are fantastic! (FYI, these are multi-level marketing companies) I can tell you they are incredible for cleaning and only require water. A family member use to sell Enjo and the eye make-up pads I use actually clean better than the toxic stuff out there -- and all you ever use is water! They have cloths for everything (no joke -- for cars, furniture, clothes, windows, etc) -- and they get out ridiculously tough stains.

- Andalou and Derma e for skin cream, lotions, serums -- very good quality products that always feel good on the skin. Though they of course target women as the customer, this is excellent for men with sensitive skin. Andalou has a great foaming cleanser and toner spray too.

- Burts Bees - Probably most famous for their lip balm, but they are also my #1 recommendation for natural lip tints/colouring -- they offer a huge array of colours and a little goes a long way! They have lots of other personal products too.

- Admittedly, I love Desert Essence's coconut hand cream, BUT, it's not 100% "pure" because at the end of their ingredients there is "fragrance/parfum", which can really be any chemical, so it's not ideal. This is why buying "clean" gets confusing, because everything else in it looks great! However, they are my #1 recommendation for pure jojoba oil and tea tree oils. Jojoba will not cause acne and can be a great moisturizer for the face.

- Avalon Organics - I have tried many different natural shampoo's and this is one of my favourites. Many other products leave a residue which doesn't feel very "clean" but this brand leaves it squeaky clean! So much so, you definitely need a conditioner with it because it can be drying. The peppermint one is my go-to.

- Carina Organics - This is another excellent hair care line - very clean, Canadian, and their Sweet Pea scent is awesome.

- Green Beaver - They have very clean products and they're Canadian! They are my #1 recommendation for toothpaste -- specifically the Frosty Mint flavour (some natural toothpastes don't leave your mouth feeling very clean and fresh but this one does!). They also have excellent products for children (especially their children's sunscreen, which I recommend for adult use as well).

- If you're looking for something to really coat your overly-sanitized hands for the winter and help prevent them from cracking, I suggest picking up 100% pure shea butter or organic castor oil. These are really thick and greasy so are best applied at night (and can even put cloth gloves on) but they work great.

Other products to watch for sales on:

  • stainless steel water bottles (Kleen Kanteen is the best -- many "metal" bottles are aluminum and not true stainless steel)

  • glass water bottles

  • true stainless steel coffee mug travelers

  • reverse osmosis water purification system

  • air purifier

  • glass food storage containers (get rid of plastic!)

  • cast iron, stainless steel or ionized cook-ware (get rid of anything Teflon!)

  • silicone or stainless steel cooking utensils

  • any natural, non-toxic organic product -- anything from panty-liners and diva cups, to organic coffee, food products, baking soda and vinegar!


It seems counter-intuitive, but shop with caution in health stores. Their supplements and care products are significantly marked up and generally are only reasonable when on the clearance rack. Additionally, just because it's in the store, it doesn't mean it's "clean" or good for you. I've had many patients purchase supplements at obscene prices for bad or inappropriate products. You may think you're getting a deal, but it's just wasted money if it's the wrong or inappropriate product. Always work with an expert to know what's right and safe for you (and that is unlikely to be the store clerk). This is why I use the Fullscript platform which offers patients access to professional line products.


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